Technology Cover Letter – Software Engineer

July 11, 2011

Thomas K Eden,
32 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-7998.

Date: 1th Jan, 2009.

Jack Richardson,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am applying for a software engineer position. As per your requirements, I am having five years experience with qualification.

I have five years experience in XYZ Company, where I have been worked in developing bests and innovative solutions for software/systems.

I have excellent communication skills with clients, which helped me during participation in presentations.

My technical profile includes well knowledge about platforms (UNIX, Linux, Windows), scripting language (including VB, Java, Perl, MySQL). In addition, advanced knowledge about developing tools, automated testing tools and client server architecture.

I am dedicated to my work only. Please read my resume. Contact me at above telephone number or mail me on I am looking forward for your interview invitation.

Thank you for your consideration and reading my letter.


Thomas K Eden.

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