Student Cover Letter – Law Student

July 11, 2011

Thomas K Eden,
32 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-7998.

Date: 1th Jan, 2009.

Jack Richardson,
Recruiting Manager, Booz·Allen.,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am a student of Sample College, and found your name and contact information on our Alumni Career Network. I hope that you will help me to learn more about options in law. My family and professors encouraged me to take this field. I would like to determine if it is a good match for me.

I am interested to hear how and why you entered this field field, and the pros and cons of working in law. If I decide to move in this direction, I want to know the classes and co-curricular activities I should consider. I appreciate your advice on how I might test the waters, experientially, over the next few summers.

I am looking forward to contact you and set up an informational interview with you. Please call me on my no. 124-747-7878 to confirm with the things. Thanking you,


Thomas K Eden.

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