Thank-You Letter Cover Letter

August 2, 2011

William Kales,
8322, North 22 St.
Carlisle, MA 209,
(652)-562 7220

Dear Mr. Kales:

I appreciate the time you spent with me yesterday discussing the sales position in the Rochester area and would like to reiterate my interest in the position. Enclosed is a resume reflecting my work history and philosophy.

A manager’s and a company’s success in the workplace is measured in many ways: from productivity of workers • results from managers • job satisfaction • low employee turnover • quality of work, products and services • accountability • respect toward self, company and customers. A rewarding work environment is one in which employees and managers can expand their knowledge, skills and contributions. When an atmosphere of self-pride and company pride prevails, everyone wins—worker, company and customer. Attitudes mean a lot and reflect greatly on the mental image customers carry with them after the sale.

My record has been a good one. I’ve been able to motivate myself, as well as others, and to generate trust, respect and win-win results. Stability and accomplishment mark my career, as does ongoing learning. The Internet has opened such possibilities that knowledge is limited only by time and interest in using the Net as a tool for research of industry growth and direction, overall business trends, labor statistics, tax changes and sales and marketing ideas.

While interviews and references are the preferred methods of learning more about candidates, at least a sketch of past accomplishments can help in forming a mental image of the person. You will see that general business skills complement the people skills—which is my greatest strength and interest. I truly enjoy working with others and have been exploring possibilities in which my biggest contributions can be not only helping a company meet its goals, but also creating an avenue in which I’m enriching in some way the lives of others or the world we leave behind. Social responsibility is a high priority.

I look forward to hearing from you further to discuss the company’s direction, needs and concerns. In the next few days, I will contact you to determine your plans for filling this position and to see if you have questions or need additional information.


Gary Hudson

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