How to Write Scholarship Cover Letter

June 26, 2011

As competition for scholarships has become tough, you must be very meticulous in preparing your scholarship cover letter. If the foundation does not have a prescribed form, then go through their guidelines and create one that suits their requirements.

There are some points to remember while writing a cover letter for scholarship.  Most important is to highlight the details that the scholarship committee has asked for.  Instead of listing them in table format, give it a personal touch.

Use name of the addresses in the cover letter in the place of ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’.  Do not forget to compliment the scholarship committee in their endeavor to help the students.  Show your gratitude to the organization, for considering your application, in your cover letter.

If possible state how, awarding you the scholarship, will enrich your community and society.  Ensure to conclude the cover letter with a hopeful and enthusiastic statement. Also thank the award committee in their time and consideration.


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