Bioinformatics Scientist Cover Letter

July 27, 2011

Kenly Peterson
4567, North 34 Street.
Boston, MA 04509,
(656)-676 7990

Dear Peterson:

Last August, I had the distinct pleasure of working with you as one of many assistants involved in the GeneCards project. While recently browsing the international GeneCards Web site, I was thrilled to find out that a full-time bioinformatics scientist position will be added to the GeneCards team, commencing this September. My credentials, rigorous scientific approach, and first-rate analytical and problem-solving skills equip me to offer the necessary qualifications mix you require to be a member of the cutting-edge GeneCards team.

Enclosed for your review, my résumé chronicles 15 years of experience as a research scientist in a laboratory environment. My expertise, bioinformatics science, includes a background in microbiology, computational and molecular biology, and toxicology. In January 2001, I was one of the first scientists in the world to earn the Certified Bioinformatics Specialist credential. A fully qualified Oracle Database Administrator, C++ programmer, and biostatistical programs user, I currently supervise the genetic toxicology lab at IIT Research Institute in Chicago.

My resume is a good summary, but I feel that it is during a personal interview that my potential to be a meaningful addition to your team would be fully demonstrated. I’m scheduled to be in Israel this coming August to again participate in the GeneCards project. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to personally observe me in action and schedule a formal interview.

I will call you in two weeks, during regular business hours, of course, to see about arranging a meeting at your convenience while I’m there. Should you prefer to call me before then, I can be reached at the any of above-listed phone numbers.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you once again.

Very truly yours,

William Kales

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