Research Questionnaire Cover Letter

June 25, 2011

Ms. Sonam Goel,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Sonam,

I am Surma Guha and I’m pursuing my masters in Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Penn and Foster University. I am currently in my second year and doing my internship in Thompson Industries. I am undertaking a research of the HR policies in this organization. Kindly participate in this survey and help me recommend useful measures for the betterment of this organization.

Each question has 5 options – Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neither agree not disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree. Mark the options that best describes your opinion on the statement. There is no right or wrong answers to any question. Please give your honest opinion so that we come out with suggestions for the human resource department for the long term benefit of the organization.

Thank you for spending your valuable time in answering the questionnaire. We look forward to your reply.


Ms. Surma Guha

Elves Park,



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