Questionnaire Cover Letter Template

June 25, 2011

Recipient’s Name:

Recipient’s Title:

Company’s name:

Company’s Address:


Respected Ms. (Recipient’s name with the right title Ms/Mr/Mrs),

I am the (Mention the occupation) of (Mention the department) from the prestigious (Provide the firm or university name). As part of my project, I’m conducting a research on the (Provide the purpose) that various firms are adopting. So I would request you to participate in this survey. I would be happy to share the results if you need.

Please mark the first choice that comes to your mind when you face a question. The questionnaire is a combination of (provide the type of questions – options/open ended, etc). All the information that you provide will be strictly confidential. So answer all the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

If you feel you are not able to answer a question, just leave that aside and answer the rest. Please give fair and honest opinions. Thank you for spending your effort in making this survey effective.





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