Fun Questionnaire Cover Letter

June 25, 2011

Mr. Priyadarsh Sharma,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Mr. Sharma,

As part of our Halloween celebrations, we want to get the most hidden treasures of people through our fun questionnaire. We want you to please spend 5 minutes of your precious time and fill our questionnaire. Please provide frank opinions as all the information will be treated confidential. Individual responses will not be accessible by all. Only collated results will be published. For the sake of information privacy, you can fill the questionnaire anonymously.

We are also provided you instructions to fill the questionnaire. Provide the answer that comes to your mind as soon as you read it. As people have fun in many different ways, we have not provided any options to questions. All questions are open ended. Write true and concise answers. This would help us analyze them well.

The results of this survey would be published in the monthly edition of our magazine – Fun & Fashion. Thank you for your cooperation.


Mr. Garima Trehan

Elves Park,



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