Nursing Job Cover Letter

June 24, 2011

Olivia Eden,
31 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-74398.
Date: 26th March, 20010.

Jack Brown,
Director of Nursing, ABC Hospital.,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2801.

Dear Mr. Brown,

This is an application letter in response to the advertisement in the Town Gazette, I would like to assist you in the position for a medical-surgical nurse at Life Hospital. I have finished my graduation in Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern University in Nursing. I am expecting to take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam in next week.

I am highly motivated nurse and having special expertise in accident care and patient education for accident. I am working in this field for 2 years since I was in nursing school, in Haven Health Center.

I have hereby attached a copy of my resume with this letter. I will look forward to meet you for further discussion my education and skills. Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Olivia Eden


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