Human Resources Assistant Cover Letter 2

July 21, 2011

Ms. Marry Lawrence
New Road, Mexico
Home: 00658-21589-98754
Cell: 00125-4587-9685

Dear Ms. Lawrence:

I want to make it as easy as possible for States Bank to add me to its team as a Human Resources Assistant. Moving toward that goal starts with my resume.

I wanted to give you something more valuable than the usual job titles, responsibilities, and college course work. That’s why I’ve included examples of HR-related problems solved. At school, my problem-solving skills were reviewed by senior HR professionals who were paid to evaluate my work against tough industry standards. At work, everyone saw my workforce management abilities-from supervisors, to coworkers, to customers. In fact, it was my work experience that motivated me to get a degree in Human Resources while I continued learning on the job.

My development program is almost finished. I have just obtained my BS in Human Resources. But I want to start putting my energies and skills to work in that field as soon as I can.

So, as a next step, I would like to hear about States Bank’s specific HR needs in your own words. May I call in a few days to set up time to do that?


Harrison Jones

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