Graduate Cover Letter Communication Director

July 8, 2011

Thomas K Eden,
32 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-7998.

Date: 1th Jan, 2009.

Jack Richardson,
General Manager, ABC Corp.,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am interested for the position of a Communication Director, which you are having available at your company. Recently I have done my graduation from Columbia University with specialization in Communication theory.

In my college days I am handling the position of Communication Director for our college magazine named YUTH. There I wrote articles for the college website, I also managed guest author’s articles.

I also assisted Mr. Susan Smith an Assistant Communications Director for Assemblyperson. I am responsible for the office communication and press release there. I am also having an experience in writing on a freelance basis on women issues, which, I believe, would be an ideal match for this position.

My resume and some additional writing samples are attached with this letter. If you want to know any additional information regarding my background and my qualification, please fell free to call me on my no.124-754-8967. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thomas K Eden.

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