Rental application cover letter

June 6, 2011

Anjalina Mathews

Bristol street




Sherli Gabby

Broadwalk street


Dear madam,

I am applying for becoming the tenant of your building. I am having a child of 8 years, staying along with me. I have already furnished the necessary identification along with the reference of a person from whom I have rented a home previously.

My family was also staying with me previously and now I have decided to have a house for my child and me. I felt that your house could be the best option that I can have in terms of rent as well as the facilities available. The most interesting aspect about the home that has caught my attention is the yard, which can be a very good thing for my child.

Regarding the payments, you won’t have to worry at all as it will reach you regularly. I am also ensuring that the house will be kept clean and in good condition. You can contact me at any time on 4639475906.

Kind regards

Anjalina Mathews


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