Accounting Cover Letter – 5

July 5, 2011

Thomas K Eden,
32 S Riverview,
Ogden, Iowa 50113,
(515) 555-7998.
Date: 26th June, 2007.

Jack Richardson,
CEO, National Accounts Inc.,
323 South Avon Drive,
Milton, NY 10945,
(914) 555-2909.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am very excited to apply for the position of entry level accountant, after reading the news for opening on I have the privilege to learn about this field since last five years.

I started my first job as an assistant accounting clerk. There I enjoyed the challenge of continuously applying the best accounting practices to help deliver business goals. Constant improvement is necessary to continue adding value to the business and this must be done at both levels personally as well as professionally.

The results have been worth the effort. Accounts Payable division of my current employer becomes more efficient and accurate, and saving the company thousands of dollars each year.

As an entry level accountant I would like to bring this dedication to your organization. Please call me at (777)-457-4747 to schedule an interview, and discuss how I could immediately begin contributing to your company. Thank you,

Thomas K Eden.
Enclosure Resume.

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